Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Oy vey, first blog posts are awkward. I'm thinking I'm just gonna jump right in with a list of things that pop in my head to ~BREAK DA ICE~.

- My name is Katie. Sometimes I go by Kathryn if I'm feelin' fancy.
- In like 2008 or 2009 I discovered the magic of TAVI GEVINSON and was inspired to make my own blog, which I deleted about a year later out of embarrassment. It was called Whimsical But Absurd, but I think at some point before that it was called "Shades of Blue." I TOLD YOU IT WAS EMBARRASSING.
- I am a 16 year old girl who lives in rural Minnesota. No, there is not a lot happening, thank you for asking.
- Here I am on twitter, tumblr, pinterest, 8 tracks, and svpply, which is a thing I just discovered. You can also contact me at
- I still use the name "Whimsical But Absurd" as my tumblr URL and 8tracks account, out of laziness, I guess. The (temporary) name I have for this blog, Casual Hopelessness, is also the title of my tumblr, and a song by Tomorrow Tulips off of their album Eternally Teenage. I just randomly found that song off of a free playlist I downloaded, a long time ago. It's the only song I know by that band, actually. COMING UP WITH BLOG NAMES IS REALLY HARD, YOU GUYS.

Cue the introductory photobooth picture.

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