Sunday, August 18, 2013


Although I'm generally terrible at sports, I'm in love with these photos by Olivia B for Adidas.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

patchy is a website that sells a ton of patches for (I think?) girl and boy scout troops and other organizations, or for individual sale. They are sorted into categories like "animals and birds" (because birds aren't animals) and "bears" (because bears aren't animals or birds). But also super cool categories like "camping" and "space." Two of my favorite things! Ideally, I would just spend my free time camping in space. Here are some of my favorite ones:

I could probably get an American flag patch like this anywhere (including off of my one of my old girl scout vests), but did I mention that most of the patches are only 75 CENTS?!

This one allows you to add your own words, but like WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT?
I've been saving my favorites to my "patches n pins" collection on svpply, because someday I want to order a bunch and sew them on a jacket or vest. Anyone know of any good etsy shops for buying patches??

All patches can be found at this website. To see my collection on svpply, click here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A real-life blog!

Hello! I'm doing it! I'm blogging! I have no idea what I'm doing! The other three posts on this blog are embarrassments!
Because it is two in the morning and I promised my mom that I would go spinning with her in the morning (ew, exercise), and because of general brain-deadiness and exhaustion due to life, here are life updates in the form of instagram photos. (My username is keaschultz, JUST SAYING.) (ugh)

I took this mopey flower crown photo booth selfie.
I wore these tights that I bought from modcloth.

I bought lipstick in "Ronnie Red" and blush in "Cream Soda" from the amazing Archie's Girls MAC line.
I bought these pins from The Pulp Girls! Adds ~PiZaZz~ to any outfit (sorry).
And then I wore them (along with two conversation heart pins from my childhood).
MARCH 2013:
"Whoops! My hand must've slipped!"

I went to Washington, DC with my high school government class through the Close Up program.

Attending a real! life! marriage equality rally outside of the Supreme Court building was one of my favorite parts.

I also decorated this shoebox when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.
Plus, I turned 17.
APRIL 2013:
I continued to watch Lost (a lot). (And got snapchat.)
I took these library bathroom mirror selfies.
I wore this twin peaks-y outfit.
I went to post prom.
MAY 2013:
I carefully crafted and devoured this delicious sundae.

More pins.

Thrifted shoes and high-waisted shorts, (?) knee highs, Rookie shirt.

I finally crawled out of my basement after finishing Lost.

I went to Michigan.

I had feet.

I did some late-night decorating.

I later lowered the daisy flower crown so that the pink bow was in the center and NOW THIS PHOTO BUGS ME BECAUSE IT'S OFF-CENTER.

I wore this dress from forever21that kinda makes me feel like a sailor.

I took down this shrine-ish thing that was on my bookshelf. :'(
THE END ug ug ugh