Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A real-life blog!

Hello! I'm doing it! I'm blogging! I have no idea what I'm doing! The other three posts on this blog are embarrassments!
Because it is two in the morning and I promised my mom that I would go spinning with her in the morning (ew, exercise), and because of general brain-deadiness and exhaustion due to life, here are life updates in the form of instagram photos. (My username is keaschultz, JUST SAYING.) (ugh)

I took this mopey flower crown photo booth selfie.
I wore these tights that I bought from modcloth.

I bought lipstick in "Ronnie Red" and blush in "Cream Soda" from the amazing Archie's Girls MAC line.
I bought these pins from The Pulp Girls! Adds ~PiZaZz~ to any outfit (sorry).
And then I wore them (along with two conversation heart pins from my childhood).
MARCH 2013:
"Whoops! My hand must've slipped!"

I went to Washington, DC with my high school government class through the Close Up program.

Attending a real! life! marriage equality rally outside of the Supreme Court building was one of my favorite parts.

I also decorated this shoebox when I was supposed to be cleaning my room.
Plus, I turned 17.
APRIL 2013:
I continued to watch Lost (a lot). (And got snapchat.)
I took these library bathroom mirror selfies.
I wore this twin peaks-y outfit.
I went to post prom.
MAY 2013:
I carefully crafted and devoured this delicious sundae.

More pins.

Thrifted shoes and high-waisted shorts, (?) knee highs, Rookie shirt.

I finally crawled out of my basement after finishing Lost.

I went to Michigan.

I had feet.

I did some late-night decorating.

I later lowered the daisy flower crown so that the pink bow was in the center and NOW THIS PHOTO BUGS ME BECAUSE IT'S OFF-CENTER.

I wore this dress from forever21that kinda makes me feel like a sailor.

I took down this shrine-ish thing that was on my bookshelf. :'(
THE END ug ug ugh


  1. omg, you look so much like me. that's scary, like we have the same hair, the same way of dressing, features a little less but hey its just funny! Is there a way to follow your blog? id like to :)

    1. Hiii, Caroline! If you go to my sidebar, you can sign up for email updates.